• Made: July 2014
  • Made for: Summer Game Dev (Game Jam)
  • My fields: Concept Design, Game Design, programming
  • Time spent: Four days
  • Used products: Unity 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, smartphones

Experience an unseen adventure of Smeris.

In the BNN-VARA television show Smeris the cops are experience a lot of adventures. But not all of the adventures are shown on the telly. And now you could experience one of these adventures on your mobile phone!

When I anticipated the Summer Game Dev, a four/five day long game jam, I got in a team of four people. Together we had to make a game based on the theme Smeris. Smeris is a television show made by BNN-VARA. BNN-VARA was busy with making a second season and they wondered how they could lure soms teenagers to watch the show too. A perfection oppurtunity to combine the game jam and their research! Our team decided to make a mobile game where you play as one of the cops of the show. In the show they tried to catch a drugsboss, but you never saw a chase between them. So we designed the chase as a "runner" with multiple ways.

About Sven Verschoor

I am a Dutch Game Designer with a rich background. Beside making games I have been a Game Reviewer for almost a decade and I have been/am still a PR for a gaming website whereby I have contact with game studios from all over the world.

At this moment I am studying Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) in the Netherlands.

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