Van den vos Reynaerde

  • Made: March 2010
  • Made for: MediaCollege Amsterdam (school assignment)
  • My fields: Research, Game Design & partly Game Art
  • Time spent: +/- Eight weeks
  • Used products: Flash, Illustrator

Could you be as sly as a fox?

The fox Reynaerde is very sly and has upset many of the animals in the woods. King Lion has decided to arrest Reynaerde and punish him. But Reynaerde won't let that happen.

In Van den vos Reynaerde (old Dutch for 'The fox Reynaerde') you play as the fox Reynaerde. Just like in the famous fable you have to outsmart the other animals. To do this you have to go through multiple environments and defeat the animals. Can you be as sly as Reynaerde?

About Sven Verschoor

I am a Dutch Game Designer with a rich background. Beside making games I have been a Game Reviewer for almost a decade and I have been/am still a PR for a gaming website whereby I have contact with game studios from all over the world.

At this moment I am studying Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) in the Netherlands.

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