Uit grootouders tijd

  • Made: April 2014
  • Made for: Utrecht School of Arts (school assignment)
  • My fields: Concept Design, Game Design, programming
  • Time spent: +/- Two months
  • Used products: Unity 3D, Vuforia, Photoshop, iPad, book, paper

Grandparents and grandchildren needs some quality time together.

Today the day many grandchildren hardly spend time with their grandparents anymore. We wanted to make a product that can change this fact. To do this we combined two items of both generations: the storybook and the tablet.

In almost each householding you can find at least one tablet. Children loves to play with it and some children don't want to do anything else. So why wouldn't we make a game that you can only play when you are at your grandparents? The grandmother or grandfather picks one of our selfmade storybooks and starts telling the story to his/her grandchild. While the grandchild is listening he or she can scan the current page with the tablet and play a little game based on the story on that page. It is some guaranteed quality time for both the grandparent as for the grandchild!

About Sven Verschoor

I am a Dutch Game Designer with a rich background. Beside making games I have been a Game Reviewer for almost a decade and I have been/am still a PR for a gaming website whereby I have contact with game studios from all over the world.

At this moment I am studying Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) in the Netherlands.

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