The Basement Case

  • Made: June 2013
  • Made for: Utrecht School of Arts (school assignment)
  • My fields: Research, Concept design, partly Game Art
  • Time spent: +/- Two months
  • Used products: Photoshop, webcam videos, make-up, daily schoolstuff, real people, UV paint and pocketlight

Be a detective and solve the Basement Case.

Welcome detective, I am glad you could come. This morning we found the body of a student in the basement. We couldn't find a clue about what happened here, but maybe you can find some clues and solve this mystery?

The Basement Case is a real life game, where you take the role of a detective. With a badge, a pocketlight, a ruler and a few other items you enter the elevator and going to the dark basement. In the basement you will a body (an actor) and a few items. Everything contains clues and when you use the right items in combination with some good thinking you could solve this case.

About Sven Verschoor

I am a Dutch Game Designer with a rich background. Beside making games I have been a Game Reviewer for almost a decade and I have been/am still a PR for a gaming website whereby I have contact with game studios from all over the world.

At this moment I am studying Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) in the Netherlands.

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